The Baby that Saved the World.

Christmas. CHRISTmas. Jesus is the main reason for the season, but why? I recently read a really good book. There was a little girl in the story who had heard of a baby being born and that was the real reason for Christmas, but she didn't know why that baby was even important. The story of Jesus Christ’s birth is just the beginning of His awesome life, but for some people, it's just a cool story about a baby being born. So, here is how that baby saved the world.

Going all the way back when the angel came to Joseph, the angel quoted what the Lord had spoken to a prophet about long ago, “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel.” Immanuel means God with us. I think that is a perfect explanation of Jesus! So, this baby was important because He was God with us. He was part of the One who made everything.

After Jesus was born, He grew mentally and physically (Luke 2:52). At about thirty years old, He started teaching and healing. There are countless stories of Jesus healing. He cast demons out of people, brought people back to life, healed the sick and commanded winds to stop. Those were some physical things, but He also healed people mentally and spiritually. He forgave people of their sins, He preached about loving God, He taught the world how to get to heaven, and SO much more. All of those things, make Jesus a good man that God used.

Jesus was so much more than a good man. He never sinned, which no one else has or ever will do. While He was healing and teaching, people were plotting to kill Him. He had twelve disciples that helped Him and followed Him. One of those disciples, Judas, gave Jesus up to the chief priests and officers of the temple. So, Jesus had a trial based on Him telling people that He was the Christ. The people, decided to kill Him. So, Jesus died a cruel death. They put Him up on a cross and put nails in His hands and feet. (Luke 23) He was treated as a criminal, when in actuality, He was the one saving the criminals and changing their hearts.

They buried Jesus. Everyone was sad, because God with us was no longer with us. What happens next, is how that little baby born in a manger from a poor family, saved the world. When they went to the tomb where Jesus was buried, the stone was rolled away. Jesus had resurrected. He was here again on the earth. He spoke to many people and even showed them his wounds from the cross. Jesus told the disciples and others around Him the Good News, that this now meant that Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice. We no longer have to sacrifice material things, because Jesus died to take all of that away. Death is the consequence for sinning, so Jesus did not deserve to die. God had it all planned out. He sent Himself here to die, so we can live eternally with Him. That's how much He loves you. When Jesus left to go back to heaven, He left us with a part of Himself, the Holy Spirit. This is inside of you when you accept Jesus into your heart. God with us is always with us.

So Christmas, is just the beginning of Jesus Christ’s life. It’s an amazing story that shows how a little baby born in a stable to a poor family, who had to run from a king, can be used by God. That's how the little baby saved the world.

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