The Burnt Macaroni

There are moments in each of our lives where we feel 100% in control. A few weeks ago, I had one of those moments, but unfortunately, it all came toppling down on me.

I stood over the stove with two pots of boiling water. I was fixing supper for myself and my two brothers, one of which happens to have allergies so we have to fix him a separate meal. Dishes sat in the warm, soapy dishwater as I poured Kraft macaroni noodles into one of the pots. I grabbed the other bag of noodles to pour into the second pot of water, and somehow the noodles spilt everywhere. They crashed all over the stovetop, under the hot coils, and onto the floor. I rushed to turn the heat off, to prevent any kind of fire.

As I stood there in a very unexpected moment with burnt macaroni noodles in my hand, I realized that moments like this happen very often. But the deciphering moment lies not in our actions but in our reactions. Living one day on this earth will show you that life has its fair share of flaws, but we can’t control that. We can’t control how people treat us. We can’t control what happens to us. But what we can control is ourselves. We can control how we treat others and how we treat ourselves. And ultimately, that’s the only thing that matters.

It’s an everyday struggle. Often, we feel like God doesn’t understand. He often seems like a big mythical guy that just looks over us in judgement and makes bad things happen. But I want to remind you that we have a God that wanted to experience this world with us, so He did. He came down, was born in a manger to a disgrace of a family, and lived. He lived with the same unknowns that we do— He relates to us. I want to encourage you, when you are standing in an unexpected situation and it seems like everything you once had control over is sitting burnt, hold on. This is my letter to you saying it is all going to be okay. You will make it through.

We are not promised that life is always going to be good, but we are promised that God always will be, and in every situation we are calmed by knowing that He is in control.

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