How To Be Different

In movies, teenagers are selfish. They only care about their phones and what so-and-so did yesterday. They don’t care about the future, their family, having real friends, or being happy. This used to be so far fetched in my mind, but as I’m getting older, I see so many people mold straight into the stereotypical teenager. I’m not bashing them in any way, but I know that I personally do not want to live that way. So this is for the people that want to change the world, that have dreams bigger than what anyone could imagine, that love to break the pattern, and the ones that are already taking the first step down the road less traveled.

I’m not perfect by any means. I slip into the pattern of the world more often than I would like. My priorities often get warped. And sometimes I have an urge to just live like everyone else because it’s easier. You’ll get more instagram likes, have more Snapchat streaks, and won’t have to be as perfect. But then I remember why I live life big. And it is because I know what God can do through me when I submit my ways to Him. That’s ultimately why I live so “radically” in the first place. Because I want to change the world and the only way that’s possible is to live everyday changing it.

To live differently is to be distinct, separate. When living different, people will notice. They will wonder. It is the best feeling to live where you’re not constantly worried about what everyone else is thinking or saying about you. Live how you want to and don’t let anyone stop you. Here is how I live different, and how you can as well.

  1. Be yourself. Well, first of all, you have to find yourself. Your identity can only be found in your Creator. The One who knows you better than you. The One that sees you when you are alone in your room with unfiltered thoughts. The One that simply loves you. Your identity comes with knowing Jesus. He intensifies your strengths and works through your weaknesses. It may sound crazy to find yourself in Someone else, but this Someone changes your entire mind and heart. Jesus shows you how to love yourself and He gives you a purpose.
  2. Actually care. I watch friendships shatter at the drop of a hat. I watch people be deliberately mean to someone. People get caught up in small petty things, and they don’t actually care about their friends and the people around them. High school is a time to establish relationships with people, and take advantage of getting to spend time with those people. To be different, all you have to do is radically love people. Trust me, people will think you’re crazy, but wow it’s so worth it.
  3. Break down walls. I think a huge part of why people live in the norm is because they don’t know there is any difference. They think they have to look a certain way and act a certain way and chase after everyone’s acceptance. So you, who knows the truth and knows that everyone was bought at a price, break down the walls that shelter people in. Show them that they can be different.

Friend, I wrote this to you because sometimes I can’t say it. I want you to know how great our God is and how great He desires for you to be. He yearns for you to live for Him. And can I share something with you? Most people will never care for Him. Though He loves you more than words could ever describe, so many people will miss out of His acceptance because they are so busy striving for everyone else’s. Everything of this world will fade, but JESUS will remain. Live different. Be radically. Make them wonder what you have inside you.

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