Take Off Your Mask

This painting is unfortunately inspired by real events. It’s the daily routine of many, many teenage girls. SO many people live life hiding behind a mask, a mask that steals joy and purpose. And I hate it.

This image flashed across my mind earlier in the week, and I knew there was a reason behind it. I decided to paint it. I worked Friday night and throughout the day to portray this simple illustration, of someone living to please the world, as best as I could. With the painting finished, I can happily say I love it. God has revealed so much truth (and symbolism) in this painting that I would love to share with you.

I don’t believe we hide behind a mask when sitting at a vanity, like in this picture, but we may choose a mask there. We often stand in front of a mirror, point out every flaw, and scramble our minds for a way to change that. The problem with mirrors is you only see the exterior. Then we chose the mask that will best cover up all of our flaws.

Or we lay in bed at night contemplating how we can make more friends, get more followers, or be more widely accepted. Then we grab for the mask that covers up every weird part about us and make our interior into a false version of ourselves.

If you’ve been living with a mask on, covering up your dreams, aspirations, likes, strengths, so you’ll fit in, here are my three reasons why you should immediately rip of your mask.

  1. God created you perfectly. God knows you better than you do. He wants the best for you. He created you with dreams and likes for a purpose. Every exterior “flaw” that you see, He sees as beauty.
  2. It’s temporary. You’ll get boring. Your outer beauty will fade. They’ll want more from you than you can give. The acceptance that you may feel isn’t going to last forever.
  3. Your true self is always the happiest. Life is an exploration. It’s a search mission of finding your likes and dislikes and seriously just living. When you get to do what you love, without having to chase after what everyone else is doing, you will be the happiest person ever.

Rip off your mask. Stop chasing after what the world wants you to be like and to look like. You’ve been accepted exactly how you are.

Thank you for reading this completely to the end. You are awesome and so so loved. <3

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