G I R L S - known for their gossipping nature and quick-to-judge hearts. Credited for the infamous “fall of man.” Chasers of perfect looks and elevated status. This is a problem. We have the most insecure hearts and are constantly chasing perfection. The best illustration of this is during the fall of man. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know we’re not all exactly like Eve, but sometimes we are all more like her than we would like to admit. When the serpent slithered over to Eve he targeted one thing, insecurity. “Your not like God. You need to be like God.” Specifically, the serpent told Eve, “For God knows that when you eat of it (the fruit) your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” And that’s when Eve took the fruit.

My youth pastor once said, “Wouldn’t it be a shame if satan knew more about you than you do,” and unfortunately for some people, he does. I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want that to be me. Insecurity is defined as “lack of confidence.” For Eve, she wasn’t fully confident in who she was, and it made her doubt her Creator. She allowed a twisted truth from satan to destroy the Truth God poured into her. YOU are created by a God that looked at you, fully knowing you, understanding every mistake and ever downfall that you have and will ever make, and said, “This. This is very good.”

Get out a notebook. Title the page: freedom. Write down every single insecurity that you value over God. Write down the characteristics that you hate about yourself. Write down every flaw and mistake that flashes into your mind when obedience calls. Now face them. The thing you hate about yourself is the very thing God can use to glorify himself.

Girl, you have flaws. I have flaws. I often chase acceptance from everyone around me. You’re dealing with something as well. And you can’t overcome it. Point blank.We’re like Eve. We want to be perfect, and we’ll totally ignore God if we can get there. But I want to remind you before you exit off this page and return into real life.

Jesus. Changes. The. Game.

He takes us from insecure and makes us powerful. He takes us from scared and makes us brave. He takes us from broken and makes us mended. Allow His Power to saturate and fill every broken part about you. Be the girl that fully follows Jesus. Now go on, step out of the grave.