But God, This Wasn't Your Plan...

Our life is like rollercoaster: It can change in one second. One moment you’re just gliding along, and the next moment you are slowly fighting an uphill battle. Life is tough, but God is tougher.You may think that life is only hard right now, but that is so far from the truth. Life has been hard ever since sin entered the world. When Adam and Eve took a bite from the fruit, God and man were now separate. Right when hardships come, we ask God to fix it, because that’s not how it is supposed to be. We say, “but God, this wasn’t your plan.” We have our life mapped out in our heads, and we think our plan coincides with God’s, but maybe it doesn’t.

She’s engaged. Then she will get married. After that, she will have many kids. This was probably the life plan Mary had for herself, but as we know, this wasn’t God’s plan. He told her she would become pregnant before she would marry Joseph. If I was Mary, I know I would’ve said, “But God, this wasn’t your plan. I was supposed to get married, then have kids.” When the Angel spoke, Mary’s life changed forever. Or did it? Did Mary’s life change or did the world’s assumption for her life change? (Luke 1-3)

It’s hard living in a world where at any moment your plan for your own life can be destroyed. Here’s another woman in the Bible who’s life drastically changed.

Get married. Have kids. Work hard. Praise God. Nowhere in that short, simple life plan did you hear “Queen.” When the King needed a Queen, Esther became the replacement. Okay, Esther became Queen. What’s the big deal? Here’s the big deal: Esther was a jew. To make a long story short, the King gave a man, Haman, permission to kill all of the Jews. Esther’s life has really changed now! She probably could have said, “but God, this wasn’t your plan.” (I know I would.) Both of these women took a “messed up life” in the world’s eyes, and came out with a victorious life by sharing the name of God. (The Book of Esther)

By following God's plan and trusting in Him, these two women really changed lives! Mary gave birth to the Son of God and Esther saved all of the Jews! In our life, we just have to give it over to God and say, “Thy will be done.” God’s plan will always prevail, just like it did for Mary and Esther. I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, so send me a message on Instagram or shoot me an email! I hope you have an amazing day! :))

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