Why don't I feel God?

Sometimes, we don’t feel God’s Spirit because of things clouding our vision. Maybe it is your phone or the people you are surrounding yourself with, but maybe, just maybe it's not that you are not focused on God, but you are too focused on people that love God. Let me explain. Do you ever listen to a really good, empowering Christian song, like “Oceans” or “Here as in Heaven”, and think why don't I feel God’s presence? Maybe it’s just that, you are just listening to what other people are saying and you are not finding out what that means for your faith. This is something that I have been pondering for a while now, and I don’t think we will ever fully understand it, but you just have to dive in and find out who God is for yourself.

God made us all different, no two people are exactly the same, so how can we all have one specific answer for another person’s question. That just wouldn't make sense, right? Now, I’m not saying Hillsong United, Elevation Worship,Jamie Grace, or any of the other Christian artists are not good, because they are awesome! They are sharing the Good News of our God to so many people! I think they would even agree with me, just by listening to their music, or watching a movie, or even memorizing scripture, will not be how to know God. Jesus came to earth to break the barrier between our sinful lives and God. So why do we praise Jesus, but then don’t take that opportunity to know God?

Whenever you watch one of my videos, or read a blog post from someone, I think the only way to actually get something out of it, is to find out what it means to YOU. Like I said earlier, no two people are exactly alike, so how can we listen to something someone else is saying, don’t apply it to our lives, and then magically feel God’s presence. Right now, I challenge you, to get out a journal, and find out who God is… To you. You can't watch a video on this, or even read a blog post, about it. When you find out who God is, all those amazing authors, Instagram accounts, and artists, will then work in your life. I want you to know God for who He is to you. What has He help you accomplish in life? Pray to Him and seek Him in every situation.

“Overflow in this place, fill our hearts with Your love. Your love surrounds us. You're the reason we came, to encounter Your love. Your love surrounds us.” -Elevation Worship “Here As In Heaven”

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