Love the Woman at the Well

Recently, I have had a really big push in my life to really love people for who they are and where they are, so they can know Jesus. A powerful story of Jesus loving people right where they are is the Samaritan woman at the well. Backstory: Jesus was a Jew. The Jews and the Samaritans did not get along, so if you were a Jew at that time, and you had to get to the other side of Samaria, you would walk all the way around Samria. But Jesus, being the expectation-breaker that He always is, walked right through Samaria. He didn’t do this accidentally, He intentionally went through Samaria. Are you intentionally looking for ways to share the Good News? As he traveled through Samaria, there was a Samaritan woman at a well. Jesus asked her for some water, and she reacted like all of us would, surprised. Why would a Jewish man ask a Samaritan woman for water? Jesus ends up telling the woman who He is- the Messiah here to save everyone.

This story is amazing, and definitely one of my favorites, not just because of what Jesus said, but the whole process He went through to even disciple to this broken woman amazes me. I call her broken, because -like all of us- she had her own share of mistakes. This woman has already had five husbands, and the man she is with now is not her husband. This woman was far from perfect, which helps the story resonate with us. Jesus could've gone to the perfect person in that town, but he didn't. Jesus loved her just where she was. This shows a broken person saved by a perfect Savior. He told her who He was, and that's all that mattered. When the woman heard this amazing news, she went and told people. In the Bible, it says that a lot of people believed that day… all because Jesus simply did everyday activities with a purpose and he went where most people would not go.

Here are the three main things that Jesus did in this passage that I am working on applying in my life.

1. Intentionally go where most people will not go.Jesus intentionally went through Samaria, where most people would not go.

2. Do everyday activities with a purpose. Jesus was at a well getting water and he was able to share the good news.

3. Talk to the people that are pushed away. People are living out of their mistakes because they don't know that there’s any other way. So we have to be the one's to tell them, “When you ask for forgiveness, you are forgiven. No matter what you've been through, you turn to Jesus, and He takes away that shame. Now live like you're loved… because you are!” Then hopefully they will go and do all that.

You may relate with the woman at the well, you’ve made your mistakes and you want to experience the love of Christ, or you may be like Jesus, you’ve felt the love from the Lord, and you want to share it. Either way, you have work to do. Go. Do. And Talk.

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