Why I'm Not Following "New Year, New Me."

Yep, that’s right. I’m not following “New Year, New Me.” You may be, and that’s fine, but here’s why I’m not.

Everyday I’m learning and growing- well growing mentally, not physically. Life is dynamic and unpredictable, but I believe the way we respond feeds into how “good” our life is. Some days I push myself more and live better, but other days are a total fluke and I regret not living with the correct mindset. But with this being the end of the year, I’ve sat down and observed my year, and I’d have to say… it was awesome. I did normal things, but God surprised me in many instances. I was pushed outside my comfort zone on different occasions and I learned so much from it all. With all that being said, there’s still a ton I can improve on. I could make a list longer than the Bible of things I’ve done wrong just in the past week. But even with all of that, there are still qualities about myself that I don’t want to throw away. The experiences I had this year shaped me into the person I am today, and I want to keep it that way. I’ve discovered so much about myself, and just because it’s a new year does not mean I’m going to be a different person. Yes, I have flaws, and yes, I want to fix them, but no, I’m going to force myself to be someone I’m not.

So “New Year, Real Me.” I’m not discovering someone that’s perfect and the total opposite of the 2018 me, but I discovering me- the real, authentic Jesus-saved me. The one that Jesus looked at and said, “I want you.” I guess what I mean to say is in your life right now, you’ve been through stuff, but you got through it and you learned from that experience. You’ve made mistakes, but you are still here, and you can’t forget how you got here. If I was to throw everything away about myself on December 31st and wake on January 1st ignoring everything about 2018 and instead try to be an idealistic version of me, then I would be moving backwards. Life’s an adventure, a journey, not a race. The success of life is not based on how put together we look, it’s about following Jesus.

Right now, I know who I am, and I’m living the journey of chasing after the plans Jesus has for me. I’m not going to forgot everything that happened to me in 2018. I’m not going to try to force my flaws into a small locked box, but instead I’m going to turn them into strengths that I can use to glorify my Creator. It’s not going to be easy and fast, but nothing worthwhile is ever done in one day. You can do it too.