When Satan Strikes...

What do you do when satan strikes? When temptation surrounds you, and that little evil voice inside you won’t be quiet? In my video entitled “When Satan Strikes…” I am talking about the actual temptation of satan and how he strikes. So, in this blog post, I am talking about how to overcome that temptation and why you should.

Some people say that satan targets you more when you give your life to Jesus. In a way, I could see that being true, but I think the fact is this: God is love. He is so loving that even though we do sin, He sent His Son, Jesus, down to earth to die for our sins. Satan is evil. He doesn’t want you, he just wants to be in control of you. So, when we live with God in our heart, and we are always striving to please Him, any moment that evil enters our minds, we immediately recognize it. We recognize that familiar, unwelcome voice, satan.

What happens if you don’t recognize satan? It’s an easy thing to do. As we know, satan can shape himself into different ways, just like God. Starting off in the very beginning, satan slithered around the earth as a snake. He may also use his control over a certain person to tempt someone with God. So, back to the question, how do we recognize satan’s voice? Honestly there is only one answer, know God’s voice. To do that, you can read God’s Word, the Bible. Listen to how He speaks in the Bible.

Satan will tell you that you don’t matter, that God doesn’t love you, he will deceive you. According to Wikipedia, deceive means “to cause someone to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage.” So, what does satan gain? Satan simply gains power. He gains control, and who doesn’t want control? THAT IS ALL HE WANTS. He doesn’t want to know you. He doesn’t want to save you. He wants you to mess up, but you know who doesn’t? God. God wants to know you. He wants to save you. He doesn’t want you to mess up, because He loves you. Don’t allow satan to gain any power from you. So, give your life to God. Read His Word. And if the devil tries to talk to you, just says, “Not today, satan,” and look back to God.

With all of this said, when you are tempted by the devil, it is easy to just go along with what he says. Today, I challenge you to listen to God and find His voice. I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Be looking out for part 2 of this series. it will be a video entitled "When Satan Strikes..." Keep on living for God! All the glory to Him.

-Emilee :)

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