The Unknown

If I am being honest, which I often try to do here, this week was hectic and crazy for me. It wasn’t the best week, and I feel selfish saying that because compared to others’ week, I live in a paradise. My life is super rad. I love it so much and besides a few things, there is nothing drastic I would change about it. So with that being said, I am used to having everything so perfect and laid out word for word in my planner. But sometimes, more often than not, a tsunami rushes through and destroys everything I once thought I had in control.

And sometimes, against our best wishes, that is how God works. If my life was always perfect and I had all the answers, then I would be my own god, so sometimes it is peaceful to fully understand that I do not hold the world in my hand but my good, good God does. I had this kind of realization during the week-- I do not have all the answers, doctors and teachers and parents may not either. Throughout my week, there were many unknowns. There were moments where I felt in control and all-knowing, and then there were moments when reality hit and I remembered how much I do not know. But even in a time of unknown, I know that there is no unknown not known to God, and I want you to know today that wherever you are, there is no unknown not known to God. He holds the universe in His palm. If He can take care of birds, how much more will He take care of you.

I wanted to spill that bit of truth into your internet time. There are times where we feel so defeated and low, and during that time, it is so essential to soak up truth. Enter this week with a strong and courageous heart. Put on your armor of light, and fight. Fight for happiness and truth and life.