Why Do you Believe That?

If you’re reading this post, then you’re most likely living where everyday you’re trying to be better and grow in every way possible. For me, I have a mindset that many people don’t have. I’m in no way perfect, but when I read the Bible, my mind is transformed and I wonder why other people don’t think like Jesus thought. Why do people believe they have to look perfect all the time? Why do people believe they have to live for everyone else’s acceptance? Why does humanity believe that this world is all they’ve been offered?

And as these questions run ramped in my mind, I can’t help but think, Is this what God thought? Did God look at the entire world, including me, and ask, “Why do you believe I’m not good enough for you? Why do you believe I don't love you? Why are you striving to be accepted instead of just accepting others?” I first thought of this in the context of God thought that and then decided to send Jesus to this earth because He knew I wouldn’t believe the correct information, but my mind’s been molded into the influential question of: Is God thinking this right now? Is God wondering why I’m only believing in what I can see or why I’m constantly believing there’s something better for me when I know that He is the greatest thing that has and could ever happen to me?

That’s a troubling thought to me. When I look around, I wish I could show everyone just how amazing life is when you believe our only hope is Jesus. And it really hurts me to think that God’s also trying to show me valuable truths, but I’m not allowing them to transform me. I know God is yelling at both you and me saying, “If you only knew the plans I had for you, then you wouldn’t hesitate to trust in me and only me.”

This post started out as a way that I could help you help other people, but God’s shaped it into a way that He can help us. Whatever the issue is with you and God (if there is one), know that he wants you more than you could ever want Him, He loves you more than you will ever know, and even though He knows every mistake, sin, and total disaster that you will ever make, He is still saying “Why does she believe her life is better without me?” God still wants the best for us, which is total surrender to Him and His plan. You may have a “better” lifestyle than many people around you, but no one’s perfect, so keep listening to the Lord. Read your Bible. Pray without ceasing. God desires to pour truth into you. Just listen.

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