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The Unknown

There are moments in each of our lives where we feel 100% in control. A few weeks ago, I had one of those moments, but unfortunately, it all came toppling down on me.

The Unknown

Throughout my week, there were many unknowns. There were moments where I felt in control and all-knowing, and then there were moments when reality hit and I remembered how much I do not know.

How To Be Different

To live differently is to be distinct, separate. When living different, people will notice. They will wonder. This is how I try to be different.


We, as girls, are the most insecure. That has to change. We must stop listening to what the world has to say about us and instead listen to the Truth of God.

Why Do You Believe That?

Why do people believe they have to look perfect all the time? Why do people believe they have to live for everyone else’s acceptance? Why does humanity believe that this world is all they’ve been offered?

Pursuit of Happiness

I feel like sometimes happiness is like a thing that we believe will be perfect and we desire it so much, but in actuality, happiness is not a position in life or a feeling we get, it’s a mindset. You’re happy because you’re free.

A "Let's Do Something Amazing" Mindset

When we step back and think about the good we’ve done for others and ourselves, we can’t think of any. How are we supposed remember the “bigger picture stuff” when don’t make time to even remember what we had for breakfast? One way to solve this problem is by having a different mindset.

The Call of YOU

Imagine getting called by God, into a life of prophecy and pretty much certain death… that’s basically what Gideon was doing. We have to constantly focus on this call because the call leads to action.

When God yelled at me...

God is specifically preparing you for tests and things to come later in your life. In this blog post, I discuss a time where God prepared me for a challenge I would face.

Why do I not feel God?

Sometimes, we don’t feel God’s Spirit because of things clouding our vision. Maybe it is your phone or the people you are surrounding yourself with, but maybe, just maybe it's not that you are not focused on God, but you are too focused on people that love God. Let me explain.


Conformity means behavior in accordance with socially accepted standards. So, basically it means to act like, look like, and be like “society”. To be like everyone else is not fun! Life would be super boring without differences.

Refuse to Sink

"Refuse to sink" means to not let the devil’s temptation control you. In your life, you have to refuse to give into temptation and peer pressure. Because everyone is tempted, it may seem okay to give into that pressure once or twice, but really you have to refuse the temptation from the start!

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